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News:    New Medical Treatment for Mold Exposure

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The Mold Detoxification Center has created an easy to use,
self-help, source of proven detoxification regiments and mold cleaning products.
Our unique compounds are designed to help
you get back on the road to health. When it comes to "Mold Exposure", medical and environmental help is hard to find, we understand that.  Medical Doctors have turned away thousands of people seeking help and understanding for their Mold Sickness, and Mold related illnesses. Our special products have helped hundreds of people to get back onto the road to excellent health.

All of our formulas are Medical grade, only the purest ingredients are used in our manufacturing processes, and that's the difference, "Our Quality"! 

Our knowledge base of fungal contamination, Mold related Sicknesses, the human metabolism, mold remediation and removal
has enabled us to produce the ultimate line in mold cleaning and detoxification formulas.

Mold Bomb Fogger
Mold Bomb Fogger

Bring back healthy air to your environment  with "Mold Bomb."

Our one of a kind, aerosolized spore suppression and elimination fogger can remediate areas in your home, your contents, such as mattresses, furniture,  clothing, and even your car. Easy to use,
 EPA approved.
Don’t let your family go another day in an unhealthy environment.

  The Total                            

  Detoxification Cleanse

This program is a complete formula with one hundered sixty seven (167) supplement combination program. It is a complete regime that addresses the majority of needs people express regard in Mold exposure

             "The Mold DeTox Center", Products that Work!

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