About Us The Mold Detox Center

The Mold Detox Center was established in 2009, after one of the founders himself fell sick to mold exposure and mycotoxin poisoning. 

Misdiagnosed with Asthma, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and an autoimmune disease. It became evident that no one had any real answers. He decided if he was not going to die he would have to heal himself. 

Being a researcher by nature and in college, he immersed himself into scholarly papers worldwide on the subjects of mold, mycotoxins, and the world of environmental microbial pathogens found in indoor water damaged structures. He now maintains what may be considered the largest electronic environmental library housing over 8,800 scholarly paper on the subject of environmental health.

With research in hand he formulated a based mold detoxification program that worked completely for him and gained full recovery.

Eager to share his good fortune with others, in 2009 he founded the Mold Detox Center. Much to his disappointment the base mold detoxification protocol worked for some, but not for others.

Using the Mold Detox Center and its customers feedback regarding what supplements worked for them, and what supplements did not, over the last 8 years the Mold Detox Center has been able to craft one of the most effective and fast acting mold detoxification protocols on the market.

The Mold Detox Centers mold protocol addresses every facet and symptom of mold exposure. It's high rate of client success is unsurpassed in providing relief for mold exposure victims.

Best of Luck on Your Journey to Recovery!

Warm regrads,
The Staff at the Mold DeTox Center