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        Anti-Fungal Ionic Ear Drops 
Anti-fungal ear drops

100% Organic, Pharmaceutical grade ingredients derived from the Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacteria database

The most advanced formula to help rid the ear of the adverse effects  caused by exposure to mold / fungus.

Beat Ear Surgery!

Otitis Media, Tympanostomy, Ear tubes, may be a thing of the past. Before you elect surgery for you or your children, you'll want to try this highly effective ear drop. This unique formula cuts through the Bio-Film produced by fungi and the bacteria which is synergistic to it, and allows the soothing formula to attack the biological components causing the irritation and ringing in the ears

                       Fast Acting, Rapid Relief!

Anti - Fungal Ionic Ear Drops

One Bottle Single Pack :                   $47.85

Two (2) Bottle Value Pack:              $86.13
You Save $9.57

Three (3) Bottle Economy Pack:    $122.55
You save $21.53

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