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 #1 Anti-Fungal Ionic Nasal Spray
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Mold exposure creates highly problematic sinusitis. Most mold suffers have been through rounds and rounds of antibiotics with little to know results. 

Mold colonizing in the sinuses produces a "Bio-Film" which no antibiotics can cut through. Once established the Bio-Film allows bacteria and mold to colonize or grow within the Bio-Film making the sinus infection almost impossible to get rid of. 

The Mold DeTox Center's Ionic Nasal Spray has been specially formulated to dissolve the mold's Bio-Film, address both environmental bacteria and mold growth and is also a natural, but very powerful anti-inflammatory.

  • Stop Sinus Pain
  • Unblock Sinuses
  • Stop Nose Bleeds
  • Stop Sinus Headaches
  • Breathe Easy Again
  • Helps Avoid Sinus Surgery

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       CDC Estimates that Over 57 Million Americans Suffer From:
                           "Chronic Fungal Sinusitis"

It’s called EFRS, CRS, and Chronic Fungal sinusitis. Many people elect, “Evacuative Sinus Surgery” (ESS), and afterwards may have to have the procedure repeated several times. The reason for this is their doctor did not completely remove the “Bio-Film” within their sinus cavities.

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Ionic Nasal Spray 

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