Mold Exposure Pain in the Muscles and Joints

Pain in the muscles and joints from mold exposure is common and easily gotten rid of.

Many exposure victims are misdiagnosed with arthritis and put on steroids.

This condition is caused by mycotoxins embedding into muscle, cartilage, bone and tissue. These are mycotoxins that can be bound out of the body.

This problem is easily solved.

The Mold DeTox Centers high grade custom Ionic Mineral Formulas are found in only one place on earth. These  minerals are like no others and are harvested and purified only once every three years and are of the highest quality.

Muscle and Joint Relief Package


Ionic Liquid Minerals          2 oz bottle container
Ionic Powdered Minerals   60 Tablets
Mycotoxin Binder Formula 60 Tablets

Thirty Day Supply   $214.77

Sixty Day Supply    $378.91

Ninety Day Supply  $563.47

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