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Finally Mycotoxin Detoxification That Works!


Mycotoxin Detoxification Formula

Rapid Detox for Mold Exposure



     No More Activated Charcoal 

    No More Cholestyramine or Clay



Mycotoxin Detoxification 
is Complex. Most times mold exposure victims  

have more than one type of mycotoxin present in their bodies    

Previously it was believed that all mycotoxins could be bound

out from the human body.

Mycotoxins must be removed from the body in three ways.

Some can be bound out from the body, while others must be

chemically dissolved, while others must be chemically


The Mold DeTox Centers Mycotoxin Detoxification Formula is a tri- supplement

package that targets mycotoxins:


Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, & G2

Macrocyclic Trichothecenes

Ochratoxin A



T-2 Toxin

HT2 Toxin

And More


One Month Supply:       $210.99

Three Month Supply:    $449.99


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