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 Breathing Is So Much Easier

I got mold sickness from my apartment last year. I began having severe breathing problems, and had to be hospitalized several times over the next few months. I learned of “Mold Detox Center” from a friend—I ordered the anti fungal inhaler and 3 months of the rapid detox formulas, started using it, and have not been in the hospital since. I am just finishing the full 6 month regiment, now my breathing and over all health is 100% better. Thank you for a great product.

—Sara N. S., age 45



Becoming My Old Self Again

I was on prescription medication for a fungal infection. They helped a little, but what help they provided was overshadowed by harmful side effects. After taking one months supply of Rapid Detox Formula I have discontinued the prescriptions and feel like I’m really on the way to becoming my old self again. Mold Detox Center deserves a lot of the credit for the improvement. I intend to keep on taking it!

—Josh A. P., age 29


My Son Needed Help

My eleven year old son suffered from fungal sinus infections combined with bad asthma. This is the only product that really cleared up the infection and allowed him to get better. It works. I gave him the Anti Fungal Nasal Spray along with a regiment of the Rapid Detox Formula and It has saved him from having to use harmful anti fungal prescription drugs. Glad I found out about it. Thanks!                                                                                                                                

—Jennifer L. W., age 36


A New Lease On Life

Dear Friends, I just wanted to let you know that mold detox centers Fatigue Relief Formula has literally given me a new lease on life. The difference in better mood and the ability to keep going, with ENERGY (how is that possible) I have also begun feeling less run down,  miraculous. I have had a long struggle with this mold problem and I don’t know what I would have done if I never found you! Please continue your wonderful efforts toward offering healing remedies for mold sickness. My best toward your continuing success.                                                                                                                                

—Kaye  H., age 62    

Couldn't  Remember A Thing

Seriously, I thought I had the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. I couldn’t focus nor could I remember the simplest things. Within a very short period from when I started using the Mold Detox nasal spray, everything began to return to normal. With all I have gone through relating to my mold problems, I think that not having my thought process in tact was the most frightening. Thanks Mold Detox!

Richard  L., age 38


 I Was So Tired

I was tested for everything under the sun…RA, Lupus, Lyme disease and nothing explained the pain or constant fatigue my body was experiencing. Someone told me that my symptoms could very likely be from the mold that had grown on my wall when my ice maker had broken and that I should have it checked out. I found Mold Detox while searching for help and decided to try the fatigue relief they offer. Needless to say, I am writing this because I finally feel good again, I have energy, I am happy and look forward to everyday now.

Jackie S., age 27 (Feeling Great)